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The role of Masanumasik formulations in pregnancy care mentioned in original texts is to prevent habitual abortions. Doubting the therapeutic efficacy of such original formulations is absolutely immoral. The original texts given by Charak, Sushrut, Vagbhat etc. are not only fictions. They are summarized forms of huge research over hundreds of years and then handed over to us by the Ancient super scientists. If we are not able to understand or interpret them, it is our lack of knowledge or ignorance.
Regarding Masanumasik formulations, the ancient scientists have mentioned that they are capable to prevent habitual abortions. It means that these formulations can take care of all various parameters affecting foetal growth and development. It may be from different angles like TORCH infection, Rh incompatability, genetic abrasions or something more than that.
In case of Masanumasik formulations, the most recent text available is AshtangHruday.
There were many more scientists in R&D of Ayurveda. I strongly believe that, Charak was not a single individual but it was an institution where the Head was Charak. (Like Bhabha Atomic Research Institute). The research done in this institution was therefore published in the name of Charak. After that another institute Sushrut was established, the departments did some research and modified some text, omitted little and added some new research to that. Then came Vagbhat. They also did something in the same direction. Hence there are some formulations with the same name but little variation. They did not change the brand names because the formulations were not patented and they had enormous respect towards the old institutions who did the work and shared the knowledge to society.
Further researchers developed Rasaushadhi, कालाय तस्मै नमः, so was incorporated in new books. The huge research was focused in the direction of rapid acting drugs.
Today, we are failing to adopt the strict manufacturing techniques as directed by them and hence we are facing these threats and doubting their authenticity.
The first and very important thing that we misinterpreted is Masanumasik kwath. They have no where mentioned that the formulations are to be used in the form of kwath. As per the concept of Panchvidh kashay kalpana,कल्कीकुर्याच्च भैषज्यमनिरूपितकल्पनम् ।।AshtangHruday Kalpa 6/24
When there is no specific mention as in which form the herbs should be used, paste form should be considered as most effective. There is also mention that if the quantities are not indicated, all ingredients should be used in equal proportion.
There are 10 formulations mentioned for 10 months of pregnancy (In AshtangHruday). Considering female physiology, the span of 28 days period is month and hence 28 x 10 = 280 days, which is the absolutely correct phase of gestation.
Till now no other company did such a deep study and conveyed the correctness of these formulations to Ayurvedic field. Akshay Pharma Remedies is indeed the first company conveying this scientific basis and also manufactured most authentic Masanumasik formulations. Not only they did the manufacturing but also released a book to and made a sincere attempt to elaborate the activity of each individual ingredient used in each formula.
There are various things affecting the growth and development of embryo compared to the olden days. The lifestyle, diet, exercise, synthetic drugs, food additives like artificial colours, preservatives, onslaught of electromagnetic radiations have become an integral part in day today life. Staying away from all these is almost impossible. Even then there are chances of normal growth and development without any ill effect on the growing foetus. However these factors are equally important to take a note and prevent the possibility of ill effects. Our ancient scientists have already considered these factors and hence given us a perfect solution to treat them. It is therefore generous to follow them blindly as we do not have any protocol to evaluate this. It is also illogical to evaluate the efficacy of these formulations on modern parameters because the means are inadequate as of now.
I open-heartedly approach the Ayurvedic fraternity and scholars to extend the support for any kind of clinical evaluation and uplift the Science. 
I have been in clinical practice of Gynecology & Obstetrics and also working as teaching staff for over 30 years. I have used almost all the Masamumasik formulations manufactured by many other companies during this period. Since about 3 yrs, I am using Masamumasik products made by Akshay. Akshay team has done deep and methodical study on these formulations and has made a sincere attempt to adopt all the best possible ways and means for escalating the standards, quality, scientific techniques and thereby supreme clinical efficacy. Till now, I have not seen any such product range and hence working on making CRF with proper protocol in this segment.
Prof. Dr. Subhash Marlewar

M.D. (Ayu)

Associate Professor,

Dept. of Gynecology & Obstetrics,

R. A. Podar Medical College, Mumbai




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