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​#Ayurved_For_You #Diabetes #प्रमेह Wheat is the only choice given to a diabetic once he is diagnosed. And all the rice lovers get disappointed. So obvious for them. But what to do. No option but to listen to the doctor. Some of them who don’t like Chapati, visit Ayurved physicians for advise out of curiosity if… Continue reading ​#Ayurved_For_You


AshwaMaah (Coated Tablets)

AshwaMaah (Coated Tablets): Healthy and adequate number of sperms, good fructose levels and proper motility are the prerequisites for male fertility. AshwaMaah is a power-packed herbal health supplement for enhancing male fertility owing to its hidden virtue. It’s a unique blend of Ashwagandha, Akkalkara with other selective herbs micronized & potentised with Nagvalli leaf juice.… Continue reading AshwaMaah (Coated Tablets)

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Vaatmukta (Tablet & Liniment)

(Effective Regime for Pains and Inflammations) Introduction to Pains & Inflammations Ayurveda has classified 3 symptoms “Pain, Burning and Itching” and given 3 best vehicles to treat them. They are Oil, Ghee and Honey respectively. As per the etiological factors and their nature of origin, these symptoms have been classified as Vaat, Pitta and Kapha… Continue reading Vaatmukta (Tablet & Liniment)

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Madhumukta (Liquid & Tablet)

Madhumukta (Liquid & Tablet) (Improves Pancreatic Function – Useful in Diabetic Complications)   Introduction to Diabetes: Imbalance of sugar/carbohydrates metabolism is diabetes. The food stuff is converted to essential sugar for caloric utilization of the body. Insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas plays a key role in this conversion. It aids the sugar in… Continue reading Madhumukta (Liquid & Tablet)