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​Dengue fever or malarial fever..And KitLuta Dansh Chikitsa.

​Dengue fever or malarial fever..And KitLuta Dansh Chikitsa. A fever which comes in interval and with high grade fever… With chills and rigor.. Tongue becomes whitish.. Sever weakness and loss of appetite… Bodyache.. Musucler pain     Sometimes in malarial fever..   Vomiting,nausea,high grade fever,with headech,and if this fever not treated well then worse condition… Continue reading ​Dengue fever or malarial fever..And KitLuta Dansh Chikitsa.

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Fight the Weight

​#Ayurved_For_You #BattleOfLoosing Fight the Weight One fine day a lady colleague looks at your tummy and throws a funny smile. Upset….Upset…..Upset……. Whole day no work, eyes stuck on only two things, desktop on the desk (seen but not watched) and tummy below chest (with metahuman vision). Increased weight is a next gen disease. And there… Continue reading Fight the Weight

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Yonistrava or vagainal discharges.or Swetsrava

Yonistrava or vagainal discharges.or Swetsrava. Yonistrava – in this article we going discuss ,discharges or Secreation other than regular menses may called Swetsrava.. Women’s patient always hesitate to say vaginal problems,vaginal discharges..that leads to infections and a symptoms later becomes disease. Vaginal discharges are depends on the self thinking nature,self confidence and unhygiene conditions.. Vagina… Continue reading Yonistrava or vagainal discharges.or Swetsrava

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Chronic Stress-Adrenal glands- Fertility

Chronic Stress-Adrenal glands- Fertility The adrenals play an important role in this function, especially when it comes to energy, reaction to daily stress and maintaining hormonal balance that keeps the body fertile. Supporting proper function of the adrenal glands is very important to managing stress on all levels, as well as maintaining hormonal balance for… Continue reading Chronic Stress-Adrenal glands- Fertility

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Woman’s Health and Hormonal imbalance

      Woman’s Health and Hormonal imbalance “I’m tired of feeling terrible all the time. Do I need to do hormone replacement to feel better, or is there a natural way to get my hormones in balance?” Fertility or Normal menstrual cycle reflects overall health of the female body , including digestion, elimination and… Continue reading Woman’s Health and Hormonal imbalance