Harmonal imbalance – women’s health and Ayurveda

Stress, xenoestrogens, toxins, pesticides, processed foods, endocrine disrupting chemicals, not enough sleep and birth control all affect our hormones.  Imbalanced hormones can wreak havoc on our lives.  Symptoms of hormonal imbalance: PMS symptom slow sex drive  infertility fatigue mood swings depression excess abdominal fat sleep issues thyroid disorders adrenal issues insulin resistance PCOS endometriosis excessive… Continue reading Harmonal imbalance – women’s health and Ayurveda


Ovarian Reserve (AMH) Test

Ovarian Reserve (AMH) Test AMH- Anti Mullerian Harmone is also known as Mullerian Inhibiting Substance(MIS). Harmone secreted in granulosa cells of Follicles . Good marker for egg quality – much better marker then FSH level. Ovarian reserve is the pool of eggs present in the ovaries at any given time. Low ovarian reserve is when… Continue reading Ovarian Reserve (AMH) Test



Vrana or dustha vrana ie wound diagnosis and Treatment. See the Type..by vrana structure..,str ava,smell,swarup,pain,itching. शिरास्नायुस्ंधीगत दुसाध्सोतोरोत्तम…!! दुष्ट व्रण प्रक्षालनम Wash by panchwalkam or numb+ patolam or aaragwadhadi kashayam.. By it will turn into shudha vrana.. Vrana duphana..krumihargana duphanam. After turn into shudha vrana we can prashalan by lodhradi gana Then Shodhana..according by dosha.which dosha… Continue reading Vran

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Polycystic ovarian syndrome…or we a can say..PCOD..Polycystic ovarian disease Actually Modern diagnosis..name the disease and then followed by treatment are going on… But I eagarly wants to share one thing to with my ayurvedic fellow doctors..that..we are practising..ayurveda…And we must take help..of Modern diagnostic test..for just our knowledge..but not take treatment by that manner….!! Our… Continue reading PCOS…

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Vaatmukta (Tablet & Liniment)

(Effective Regime for Pains and Inflammations) Introduction to Pains & Inflammations Ayurveda has classified 3 symptoms “Pain, Burning and Itching” and given 3 best vehicles to treat them. They are Oil, Ghee and Honey respectively. As per the etiological factors and their nature of origin, these symptoms have been classified as Vaat, Pitta and Kapha… Continue reading Vaatmukta (Tablet & Liniment)

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Madhumukta (Liquid & Tablet)

Madhumukta (Liquid & Tablet) (Improves Pancreatic Function – Useful in Diabetic Complications)   Introduction to Diabetes: Imbalance of sugar/carbohydrates metabolism is diabetes. The food stuff is converted to essential sugar for caloric utilization of the body. Insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas plays a key role in this conversion. It aids the sugar in… Continue reading Madhumukta (Liquid & Tablet)