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PrematureOvarianFailure (POF) 

#PrematureOvarianFailure (POF)   Cessation of Ovarian function before the natural age of menopause is known as premature Ovarian Failure.
Patients with POF present with Infertility, Amenorrhea, Oligomenorrhea, and occasionally with menorrhagia.
Patients may have signs and symptoms of Oestrogen deficiency like Hot flushes, dyspareunia or urinary problems.
Exact aetiology of POF remains unknown inspite of 46XX chromosome makeup.
Some aetiology of POF-

1. Genetic

2. Gonadotoxic agents

    Like- radiation , Chemotherapy etc

3.Enzyme deficiencies-

4- Autoimmune Disorders

5. Defects in Gonadotropin action and structure. 

6. Occult Ovarian Failure
A thorough history is essential. These women can have history of late menarche. Family  history of early Menopause in mother or sister. History suggestive of dysfunctions of other endocrine glands like Thyroid and Adrenals should b elicited.

History of radiation and chemotherapy should b asked.
Physical examination should b conducted for presence of any clinical markers for various genetic or endocrine causes like Turner’s syndrome, Thyroid and Adrenal gland dysfunction.

A single elevated serum level of FSH points to a high degree of suspicion of POF . it should b confirmed on at least 2-3 occasions.


S. Cortisol

Thyroid antibody 


BSL – f and pp 

are minimum investigations to b done.

​Dr_Rupali Mahadik                                                        MD Streerog                                      


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