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Let thy FOOD be thy Medicine

“Let thy FOOD be thy Medicine”

Let thy medicine be thy food”

“Eat to live and not live to eat”
“Health is made or marred in the Kitchen ”
 Now a days , menstrual abnormalities incidence have gone high, PCOS is seen in most girls now a days.
we see only two types of young girls- one very lean with zero figure and others  maximum in no a very Obese.
Obesity – 

Obesity is a condition wherein the body weight is 20% or more above the ideal body weight.

Excessive accumulation of adipose tissue in relation to lean body mass.

1. Overeating- and Fast food

This leads to excessive consumption of energy, which is stored in the body as fat. Consumption of high fat diet leads to increased triglycerides levels. Excess of Carbohydrate and Protein in food,which are not utilized,are stored as fat.
2. Physical inactivity- 

   Lack of adequate exercise leads to a decreased energy requirements.Thus ,an imbalance between the energy intake and energy expenditure occurs.
3. Emotional disturbance-

   During anxiety, frustration,tension or insecurity some people tend to overeat to allay their tension. Thus, they see food as a model of comfort resulting in overeating.
4. Heredity-

  Studies indicate that if both parents are obese,there is an 80% chance of the child also becoming obese.
In postmenopausal women, estrogen levels are decreased, leading to the deposition of fat in abdominal region,thereby contributing to abdominal obesity.
Behaviour modification together with diet and exercise help in prevention and treatment of obesity.



● High fibre foods like whole wheat flour, bajra,jowar, oatmeal etc

● Pulses,especially whole pulses and Sprouts.

●Use Skimmed milk

●More of Vegetables in raw or cooked form such as leafy vegetables, cabbage, gourds etc.

● Fruits like apple,Papaya,Orange,Sweetlime,guava,peach etc

● 8_10 glasses of water per day.

●Cut down on fruits like banana, chikoo,mango,custard apple and Vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam etc.
What to avoid – 

● cut off sugar.

●Avoid refined products such as Maida,white bread,khari ,pasta etc.

● Reduce Consumption of Chocolates, Pastries,aereated drinks.

●Reduce /stop smoking,alcohol,tobacco chewing.
*Behaviour Modification

●Eat slowly -savour each bite.

● Regular meal pattern with frequent intervals

● Never skip meal

● Eat wisely and learn to say ‘No’ to temptation.
Aim to increase your physical activity at least thirty minutes per day.
Exercise is excellent to burn calories out and improve both mental and physical health.

​Dr-Rupali Mahadik

Amrutwel Women’s Clinic


Navi Mumbai

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