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वातशोणित ; Vātaśonita is the disease produced by vitiated vāta dośa and rakta which impede the gati of each other causing the disease. This disease is also renamed as ādhyaroga i.e. mainly affluent people are affected by the disease as said by Chakrapāni.1 Very detailed aetiological factors had been mentioned in Caraka Samhita which were… Continue reading Vātaśonita



Vrana or dustha vrana ie wound diagnosis and Treatment. See the vrana structure..,str ava,smell,swarup,pain,itching. शिरास्नायुस्ंधीगत दुसाध्सोतोरोत्तम…!! दुष्ट व्रण प्रक्षालनम Wash by panchwalkam or numb+ patolam or aaragwadhadi kashayam.. By it will turn into shudha vrana.. Vrana duphana..krumihargana duphanam. After turn into shudha vrana we can prashalan by lodhradi gana Then Shodhana..according by dosha.which dosha… Continue reading Vran

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Womb Preparation

Dr-Rupali Mahadik MD Streerog Amrutwel Women’s Clinic Kharghar 9322187726 drrupalimahadik76@gmail Womb Preparation It is a great way to prepare the body for pregnancy Aids in regular natural detoxification of the organs Helps to improve hormonal balance Stress relief increase quality of egg. Improve Endometrial lining. Helps in all female factors needed for conception by correcting… Continue reading Womb Preparation