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Cervical factor and Infertility

Cervical factor and Infertility Everyday with rising infertility issue and couple going under stress and anxiety  and been treated with assisted reproductive techniques  and facing physical , psychological and Economical burden , here  we need to rule out some basic factors affecting the fertility. One of them is cervical factor which is important for natural… Continue reading Cervical factor and Infertility

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After a break.. Again started to write..#GarbhiniParicharya. Now #5thMonthGarbhiniParicharya  5 th Mass ( Foetus in Fifth month) पंचमेमासि गर्भस़्य मांसशोणितोपचयो भवत्यधिकमन्येभ्यो मासेभ्य:!! च सं शा ४/२१ In this Month accumulation of blood is relatively more and Mana becomes more enlighted .chetana is sensation  produced( utpana awstha) in this month ( in last Month it just… Continue reading #GarbhiniParicharya

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​!!!   THE ROLE OF MASANUMASIK FORMULATIONS !!! The role of Masanumasik formulations in pregnancy care mentioned in original texts is to prevent habitual abortions. Doubting the therapeutic efficacy of such original formulations is absolutely immoral. The original texts given by Charak, Sushrut, Vagbhat etc. are not only fictions. They are summarized forms of huge… Continue reading THE ROLE OF MASANUMASIK FORMULATIONS 

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​Infertility  – Emotional impactMost people take their fertility for granted.

Infact a common complaint from individuals and couples when they have difficulty conceiving is ” we were  so careful to avoid pregnancy until we were ready.” Couple go in short order from an assumption of assured fertility to one of absolute dismay at what is experienced as unfair and wholly unexpected Infertility. The intensively painful… Continue reading ​Infertility  – Emotional impactMost people take their fertility for granted.

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​Fourth Month Garbhini Paricharya…!!!

​Fourth Month Garbhini Paricharya…!!! As the First trimester completed, then the safest zone of of preganacy started.. Your baby bump will definitely begin to show. It’s one of the most enjoyable stages of pregnancy, when you’ll discover that you’re the center of attention wherever you go. Regarding food habbit…!! Most importantly, remember not to skip… Continue reading ​Fourth Month Garbhini Paricharya…!!!

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Do u are really need ART ( IVF)?

Do u are really need ART ( IVF)? Before starting with extreme steps with Hormones (Gonadotropin therapy) ,Going for ART ( Artificial Reproductive Therapy – IUI and IVF try Ayurveda. Ayurveda treatment is to normalise ur physiology ,(Regularising ur Monthly cycle , single dominant Follicle forming, rupture in time and having proper Endometrial thickness )checks… Continue reading Do u are really need ART ( IVF)?