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Why Do We Need To Prepare Our Bodies for Conception?

‘Why Do We Need To Prepare Our Bodies for  Conception?’
Ayurveda emphasis in Preconception psychological preparation , Body detoxification and womb preparation.
 People often wonder why it is even necessary to ‘prepare’ our bodies before trying to  conceive. 
 It  seems  like  it  should  all  happen  naturally  without  any  great  effort. 
 Yet unfortunately that’s not always the case. Our bodies, like mother earth, need preparation, before a new life is created.
  Imagine,  if a seed is planted but the earth in that location doesn’t have all the nutrients,  minerals or light it needs.  The tree may not grow at all.  Or, if it does grow,  it might not reach its full potential.

 Well,  just as healthy seeds are needed to grow a healthy tree,  healthy egg and sperm are key ingredients for healthy human offspring. 

Many couples who undergo IVF,  fail to properly prepare their bodies for conception IVF because they feel they are running out of time and cannot wait any longer. 

Many are told by IVF specialists to rush into IVF and that natural preparation won’t make any difference.

 The  problem  with  doing  IVF  before  the  cause  has  been  identified  or  addressed, and before taking steps to prepare the body for conception,  is that the technology is trying to go around an underlying problem.  A problem that has not yet been solved.
 Most fertility clinics will not do a thorough investigation of the underlying cause before recommending ART (assisted reproductive technology) procedures. 

 Typically they will only do the basic tests of the reproductive system.
Ayurveda – Planned Parenthood – Good Progeny
The union of Shukra , Aartav and Atma or Jiva inside the Kukshi is Known as GARBHA
Ayurveda Believe a Well prepared and detoxification with Panchkarma can achieve Conception and better progeny. 
Ayurveda describes GARBHADHANAM or GARBHADHANA Sanskar  when the wife is physically prepared to Concieve , that is in her Ritu.
The Couple after Clearance of Menstruation should be purified and after purification 

Man should consume Ghritha and Milk medicated with drugs of Madhura group which helps to increase quantity as well as quality of Shukra, 

while women should use oil and Masha – Pittala drugs to increase rakta.
After  Performance of PUTRESHTHI YAJNA  and enchanting of Mantra they should do Garbhadhan.
Here physiological _ Best quality of Beej  as well as psychological  – Atma which is of good deeds and Mentally preparation of Parents for Motherhood , each aspect have been wisely considered for achieving a better and desired Offspring.

​Dr-Rupali Mahadik

Amrutwel Women’s Clinic


Navi Mumbai
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