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Arka Kshra Review

ARKA KSHARA REVIEW Synonyms:  Arka kshara  Ravi kshara  Bhaskara kshara  Kharjughna Kshara  Mithra kshara Classical Catogorization:  Sathapushpaadi varga  Sundyadi varga( Sarva Kshara)  Kshara ashtaka(Su.Sam) Properties of Arkakshara:  Theekshna  Deepana  Pachana  Gulma naasana  Pleeha roga naasana  Swasaghna  Kaasaghna For sodhana: 1)… Continue reading Arka Kshra Review

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My approach to Parkinson’s Disease

My approach to parkinson’s disease ; Since Parkinson’s disease is neurodegenerative disease , so we have to think dhaatukshaya janya vaata prakopa.. The failure of dopamine receptors or deficiency of dopamine neurotransmitter is main reason for clinical features , but due to dopamine deficiency , the exaggerated acetylcholine also play roles in pathophysiology of features… Continue reading My approach to Parkinson’s Disease

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Female Infertility

  – * FAILURE to OVULATE * The common reason why women are unable to conceive is the Ovulation disorders and fortunately these cases can be treated successfully by Ayurveda Medicines along with Panchakarma therapy. Cause of ovulation failure HORMONAL PROBLEM It is the common cause of ovulation failure. Ovulation process completely depends upon the… Continue reading Female Infertility

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Kapardik Bhasma

Kapardak Bhasma (also known as Kapardika Bhasma, Cowrie Bhasma, Varatika Bhasma, & Kaudi Bhasma) is an ayurvedic calcined preparation used in abdominal diseases like abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, duodenal ulcer and loss of appetite or poor appetite, intestinal gas. However, it is hot in potency, but has alkaline effects in the stomach, which… Continue reading Kapardik Bhasma

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Etiopathogenesis of Vaata Vyaadhi

Etiopathogenesis of vaata vyaadhi – Most of the etiological factors explained here are responsible for kevala vāta prakopa mediated through dhātu kṣaya. Exceptions are less in the said group. But now days etiological factors causing āvarana or samsarga vāta prakopa are mostly found. This is because of increased standard of living. The so called neuro… Continue reading Etiopathogenesis of Vaata Vyaadhi


AshwaMaah (Coated Tablets)

AshwaMaah (Coated Tablets): Healthy and adequate number of sperms, good fructose levels and proper motility are the prerequisites for male fertility. AshwaMaah is a power-packed herbal health supplement for enhancing male fertility owing to its hidden virtue. It’s a unique blend of Ashwagandha, Akkalkara with other selective herbs micronized & potentised with Nagvalli leaf juice.… Continue reading AshwaMaah (Coated Tablets)