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Antenatal Care by Ayurveda -Garbhini Paricharya 

Antenatal Care by Ayurveda -Garbhini Paricharya 

Dietetic and certain other regimen advocated in Samhitas for pregnant woman are of great significance.
A Follow up of such regimen starting from first month of pregnancy till the day of full term delivery,
√ fully takes care of the health of the mother, the growth and development of the fetus and facilitates trouble free parturition.
√  Besides these,  the regimen also helps in elimination of major waste products of the body ,the metabolic changes,gives the relaxness of genital and its surrounding viscera  to accomodate the gradual growth of the fetus and promotes the vigour throughout the pregnancy.
Enlightening the merits Acharya Charak quotes – By use of this regimen her Garbhadharini ( vaginal canal ) , Kukshi( abdomen), sacral region , flanks and back become soft , vayu moves in right path( direction) ; feces , urine are excreted easily , skin and nail become soft woman gains strength and complexion and she delivers easily at a proper time a DESIRED , EXCELLENT, HEALTHY CHILD possessing ALL QUALITIES and LONG LIFE.
● First 3 months –
~Paricharya-use of cold and sweet liquid diet and milk
~Garbhini- during first trimester most women experience nausea and vomiting thus cannot take proper diet.
~Garbha- during first month Garbha is in Kalal form and so it needs stability, Garbhaposhan is by only upasnehan nyaya 
# Use of Cold and sweet liquid diet and milk will prevent dehydration caused by vomiting and supply nourishment, besides the drugs of madhura group being anabolic will help in maintenance of proper health if mother and fetus.

Dravyas mentioned in paricharya are mostly kaphavardhak and kapha is responsible for stability

Garbhaposhan is by upasnehan nyaya and for this the ‘udakkarmana’ this karma of kapha is useful.
● 4th Month
~Paricharya-milk and butter by Charak and Ashtanga sangraha
Sushruta advise meat soup
~Garbhini- Nausea and Vomiting this symptoms get subsided and due to stability of garbha feeling of heaviness is present in garbhini
~Garbha- All body parts, anga pratyanga gets formed in garbha and there is increased need of nourishment , both milk and butter are helpful for bruhan karma.
# 4th month onwards muscular tissue of fetus grow sufficiently requiring more protein which is supplied by use of meat -Soup.
●5th Month
~Paricharya-the use of balya dravyas and ghruth are mentioned .
~Garbhini- becomes krush
~Garbha-there is increased volume of rakta and mansa in garbha.
# to overcome the needs of fetus as well as mother Acharya has advised balya dravyas like milk and ghruta. Ghruta is agnideepak, that will help for kshudha vruddhi and ultimately will increase intake.
●6th Month
~Paricharya-Sushrut: Gokshur siddha ghruta or yavagu. Charak and others: Madhura aushad siddha ghrutha.
~Garbhini- most women suffer from edema of feet and the other complications of water                                      accumulation.
~Garbha- by this month there is formation of eyes,nose, snayu,sira,roma,nails,skin ,hair 

         and Sushruta has mentioned BUDDHI.
# use of Gokshur a good diuretic will prevent water retention as well as complications like PIH ,preeclampsia .

Ghruta is ideal for improving iintelligence, memory and ingenuity, digestion, long life and eyesight.
● 7thMonth
~Paricharya- Ghruta medicated with vidarigandhadi grouo of drugs.
~Garbhini- klant lakshan is seen in the same period there is utpatti of kikissa.
~Garbha- there is full development of fetus .
# the drugs of vidarigandhadi group are diuretic, anabolic, relieve emaciation and suppress pitta and kapha ,their regular use in 7th month help in maintaining health of mother as well as fetus. 
●8th and 9thMonth
~Paricharya-yavagu prepared from milk and also mentioned use of anuwasan basti with Oil prepared with drugs of madhura group and vaginal oil tampoon.
~Garbhini- Most women experience constipation in late pregnancy due to pressure of gravid uterus over the bowels .
~Garbha- there is Oja unstability, full development of fetus and weight gain.
# use of enema in 8th month will relieve constipation, besides this will affect autonomous nervous system governing myometrium and help in regulating their function during labour 

Oil Tampoon softens the vaginal passage and destroy pathogenic bacteria so as to facilitate easy labour and no infection to eyes of coming baby .

​Dr-Rupali Mahadik

Amrutwel Women’s Clinic



Navi Mumbai

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