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What your body really needs….


‌ ☺What your body really needs….
Have you ever wondered, if you could cure yourself and your baby of ailments by simply changing the way you Eat ?
Holistic approach towards diet could help us live healthy and disease free life.
Diet during Pregnancy
Fetus is wholly dependant on mother therefore her diet may affect the growing fetus during pregnancy by keeping this fact in mind, the women desirous of having an ideal offspring, should have ideal well balanced and healthy diet and should discard harmful diet.
There are a lot of healthy diets that you can actually follow. This article is about to show you the best healthy diet for pregnancy. Let’s just check this out.
To get the best and proper nutrients for your body and your baby, you should take a look at some list of the best food for healthy diet for pregnancy to get the well balanced meals. To eat well, you can start from eating vegetables and fruits every day. You can go to supermarket and buy a lot of fresh vegetables, juices or fresh fruits.
☺Guidelines for nutritive intake –
* you need not eat for two people. Most women do not need extra calories if they are eating balanced diet.

Your calorie intake will increase slightly during the 2nd half of the pregnancy.
* You do not need a special diet – You can meet all your and your baby nutrition requirements through a VARIETY of foods.
* Do not go on any low calorie diet or slimning diet during pregnancy even if you were overweight before.
* Cut down on ‘ empty calories’ in foods such as sweets,aerated drinks , chocolates,pastries, cakes etc. They do not give any valuable nutrition.
* Eat larger portions of FRUITS and Vegetables.

  Avoid eating fruits with regular meals. Eat fruits at least 1/2 hr before or about 2 hrs after meals.
* Eat wholesome foods 
*Increase intake of nuts such as peanuts , almonds, Cashew nuts etc they are good source of proteins.
*Eat pulses and wheat together because together they provide all essential aminoacids which are building blocks of proteins.
* Increase intake of protein rich foods such as pulses, nuts , beans etc.
*avoid Tea after meals – Iron absorption decreases if you have tea after meals as tannic acix in tea forms insoluble compound with iron.
 *Dieting is actually not good for your baby, especially when you are following a really strict diet. It can be absolutely dangerous for you unborn baby, because he or she will not get the proper nutrients. So, you have to be careful choosing your diet when you are in pregnancy time. 
* Vitamins/Minerals-

How many times-Fruits/Vegetables
Vitamin A-Daily-Carrots,Tomatoes, Beet root, laal Matha 
Vitamin B-Thrice a week-Green leafy vegetables, Methi, Palak, Shepu,Ambat Chuka, 
Vitamin C-Daily-Lemon , Morawala,
Vitamin D -Daily -Sunlight
Vitamin E-Thrice a week-Wheetgerm
 Lactobacilli-Daily- Curd , Butter milk 
Protein-Daily-Rajgira,groundnut ,Seasum(Til),all pulses and sprouts- thrice a week.
Iron-Daily-Palak   in form of soups , salad thrice a week

Almonds , Dates, Nachani, Black dry grapes ( Manukka) ,Jaggery all green leafy vegetables. Green chatani.
 Calcium-Daily-Milk and Milk products , Yogurt , butter milk.
************DIET By Ayurveda**********
☺ Satvik Aahar –
Food which helps to increase the Satvik qualities like peace ,truth,caring nature,courage ,intelligence etc
Healthy ,nutritious well balanced , freshly prepared with shadrasatmak aahar
-It is the diet which is easily digestable and assimilated by the body tp its maximum utilization.

– Its pious or virtuous dier because it is made by nature.

-It is nutritious , hunger satisfying , rich in vitamins , minerals and natural salts.

-it has naturally made enzymes in it which are useful for our digestion 

Such food is light and never cause heaviness or gases.

– it is naturally made juicy and full of its original colours.
Cow’s milk,ghee,fruits ,vegetables, dry fruits ,salads,pulses cereaks home made nutritional food prepared with love are examples of Satvik food.
Satvik food provides disease free Life.
☺ Diet Regimen according to Samhita
Garbhini paricharya-
Monthwise paricharya                
First     –

Charak – Non medicated cold milk

 Sushrut- Sweet , cold and fluid diet.

 Charak  – Milk prepared with drugs of sweet taste

Sushrut-Sweet , cold and fluid diet.
Third –

Charak  -Milk mixed with honey and ghee(improportionate quantity).

Sushrut-Shalishashtika rice with milk
Fourth –

Charak  -One tola (12gms) butter extracted from milk .

Sushrut-Shalishashtika rice with butter,palatable food with butter or meat soup

Charak  -Cow Ghee

Sushrut-Shalishashtika rice withmilk and food with ghee
Sixth –

Charak  -Ghee prepared with drugs having sweet taste

Sushrut-Gokshur siddha ghee or gruel( yavagu)

Charak  -Ghee prepared with drugs having sweet taste

Sushrut-Ghee prepared with Prithak parnyadi group of drugs.
Eight –

Charak  -Gruel (yavagu) prepared with milk

Sushrut- Meat soup.
* ☺According to Dhatu utpatti in Fetus
First month

Formation of Rasa dhatu – Milk ,Rice water+ bhatachi peja) juicy fruits.
Second –     Rakta dhatu -Pomegranate, carrot,green leafy vegetables.
Third –  Mansa dhatu-

Ghee ,Milk,Apple,Dates.
Fourth-Meda and Hriday


Milk,Ghee, hard cover fruits 


Kesar milk,ghee
 Eighth  and  Nineth -Weight gain-Milk, ghee.

​Dr_Rupali Mahadik

Amrutwel Women’s Clinic


Navi Mumbai


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