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Ways to develop baby’s intelligence inside the womb

Ways to develop baby’s intelligence inside the womb
Normal life is full of tensions and worries. But the whole world appreciates the fact that when a woman is pregnant, with a baby growing inside her, there is a special need to weed out negative thoughts, to nurture positive thoughts, and to create a cocoon that’s real and safe in very sense. After all, the baby is aware of a whole lot in the womb!

The medical research also shows that the feelings and experiences of the pregnant ladies have and impact on the growth and development of the child in the womb. 
Intelligence – A unique window of opportunity: 5 months’ gestation to 5 years of age
The fetal brain goes through several stages of development. 
During the first trimester, the nerve cells form, but are not actually developed as a brain. Impulses begin to fire without pattern or direction.


Sensory organs and nerves are not developed at this point, so the fetus does not feel pain.
During this time, it’s especially important to avoid chemicals and dangerous substances.


Healthy fats from natural foods and , folic acid  are especially important since nearly 70% of the new tissues are fat based.
Second trimester-

During the second trimester, nerve functions start to synchronize and differentiate.

 The sensory organ begin development, as do the nerves.


About the 5th month, the baby can now start to feel, although the sensations they feel are very limited and erratic. 
Those healthy fats provide faster development, and healthier nerve connections.
Get Omega-3
Fish, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, may boost your baby’s brainpower.

 In a study from Harvard Medical School, the more fish women ate during the second trimester, the higher their babies scored on a mental-development test at 6 months of age.

 Omega-3s are found in brain-cell membranes, so there are plenty of ways they can influence brain function.
Sushruta has mentioned BUDDHI in 20-24 weeks of pregnancy.

Acharya has advised balya dravyas like milk and ghruta IN 5TH month

Gokshur siddha ghruta  or yavagu. 

 Charak & others: Madhura aushad siddha    ghrutha.

Ghruta is ideal for improving intelligence, memory and ingenuity, digestion, long life and eyesight.
Third trimester

During the last trimester, the brain is forming learning abilities and beginning memories. 
This is a time where exposure to classical music and soothing sounds will affect the child’s disposition later in life.
Rhythmic sounds hastens neuronal growth

Book -The Hidden Message in Water by Maseru Emoto, showed photographs of water at a microscopic level. 
The water was photographed after being exposed to different sounds: classical music, heavy metal music & with the vibration of different words
Numerous studies show that the use of music therapy successfully decreases anxiety levels, reduces negative expectations and relieves physical and mental tension in expectant mums. 

 Healthy food-omega 3 fatty acids, folic acid.
Stress removal-Emotional development and IQ of the baby can be disrupted due to the parental stress before birth.
Playing music- baby is 23 weeks old, Soft and mild classic music are appropriate for the mother as well as unborn baby. This also helps the baby in the womb to remain calm. This will help build concentration in a baby staying inside the mother’s womb.
Touching baby from outside-important way of stimulating a baby and help in its brain development.
After Birth
 Baby is born with most of the brain cells baby will ever have, but during baby’s first 12 months in the world, her brain will become increasingly complex. 
By the time baby reaches the age of two, her brain will already be 75 percent of its adult weight
By the age of three, it will have reached 90 percent of its adult weight.
Almost 50 percent of the brain cells the baby is born with will wither and die during the first few years of life. This process, known as neural pruning, organizes the brain and makes it more efficient.
The brain learns through experience. Events in the baby’s life trigger electrical impulses to the brain, establishing neural pathways.
 The more a pathway is used, the more established it becomes, making it less susceptible to pruning.
Just like a muscle, the brain works on the principle of “use it or lose it.”

​Dr- Rupali Mahadik

Amrutwel Women’s Clinic

Kharaghar, Navi Mumbai

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