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Womb Preparation

Womb Preparation
It is a great way to prepare the body for pregnancy
Aids in regular natural detoxification of the organs

Helps to improve hormonal balance

Stress relief                        

 increase quality of egg.  

 Improve Endometrial lining.
Helps in all female factors needed for conception  by correcting Psychology, Physiology ( Hormonal balance ultimately good Ova at proper time ruptured naturally, Endometrial  thickness and Anatomy by breaking flimsy adhesions , removing Fallopian Blocks ( except Congenital Anamolies , and major Anatomical Defects)

It’s done for 3 months 
Which includes- 


Exercise/ yoga

Oral medicines

And Panchakarma therapy ( Snehan , swedan , nasya , yogabasti , uttarbasti )with Acupressure

 Aromatherapy with Femoral massage technique.                          
Why 3 months?
Embryo implantation depends on the quality of the ovum and endometrial receptivity. Endometrial receptivity is a temporally unique sequence of factors that make the endometrium receptive to embryonic implantation.

 Implantation window is a period during which the endometrium is optimally receptive to implanting blastocyst (D6-10 postovulation).
90 Days: The Cycle of an Egg
Many women who are having trouble getting pregnant have been told by their doctors that their eggs are not healthy, or that their eggs are “old”. The options usually given to these women include using an egg donor, IVF, or adoption. But what most women don’t know, is that there are things you can do to help support the health of the ovaries and eggs, but it must be done for at least 90 days to have an impact.
The cycle of an egg in preparation for ovulation is around 90 days.
During this 90 day period before an egg reaches full maturation, the eggs are changing and preparing for ovulation. At this time they are affected by both healthy or unhealthy influences. 
Contributing factors to egg health are:

Blood Flow

Proper oxygenation

Hormonal Balance

Nutritional intake

Endometrial Thickness-
One of the major causes of infertility and IVF failure is a thin uterine lining, inadequate blood flow to the uterus, i.e. low uterine artery pulsatility index. Treatment to increase blood flow is essential to improving fertility and reducing chances of miscarriage. It should be noted that stress, lack of exercise, not enough rest, lack of joy, and certain foods all can inhibit blood flow to the uterus and ovaries. The following are effective treatments for a thin endometrial lining…
the endometrium undergoes a series of changes leading to a period of uterine receptivity called the “window of implantation.” Outside of this time the uterus is resistant to embryo attachment. 
Process of implantation is a very critical event in reproductive physiology. Many biochemical, biophysical, and hormonal changes occur prior to this event .One of the crucial aspects in this whole reproduction process is “endometrial receptivity” which is necessary for blastocyst implantation . Endometrial receptivity is for a self-limited period, in which the endometrial epithelium acquires a functional and transient ovarian steroid-dependent status that allows blastocyst adhesion . This receptive endometrial state is defined as the “window of implantation ”
Contributing factors to Endometrial thickness are:

Blood Flow to uterus

Proper oxygenation

Hormonal Balance.
Oral medicines along with proper diet exercise with Panchakarma therapy helps to balance  hormones that ultimately helps in proper egg  formation   ovulation  and make the uterus more receptive to embryo implantation.

Fig 1- endometrial thickness _ triple line endometrium 

Fig 2. Egg Cycle 

Fig 3 Implantation – receptive endometrium

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Dr-Rupali Mahadik

MD Streerog

Amrutwel Women’s Clinic 





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