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“Cessation of Menstrual period” 

menos – menstruation 

Pause- stop

Average age for Indian women is around 47 yrs .
Major endocrine changes occur in a woman around 45-50 yrs of age.

Normal cycle

Estradiol production which is an important function of ovary and occurs as a result of oocyte maturation. 

After ovulation corpus luteum is formed which produces progesterone.


With ageing there is depletion of oocytes which reduces the ovarian response to Gonadotropin stimulation and so gradual decline in estradiol production.

As ovulation ceases , no progesterone is released and eventually estradiol production falls to critical threshold – no endometrial stimulation – amenorrhea- menopause.

Plasma Gonadotropin ( FSH and LH) levels are elevated reach maximum 2_3 yrs and then decline eventually during 20-30 yrs.

Increase in FSH levels is more marked than LH.

Excess of Androgen which can cause excess hair growth and increase risk of arterial diseases.

Natural – occur around 45-50 yrs of age
Premature – menopause occurs before age of 40 yrs .
Artificial – due to surgical removal of ovaries.

Premature menopause have higher risk for developing coronary artery diseases and early development of osteoporosis.

hot flushes, perspiration, night sweats, insomnia.

Mood changes, anxiety, irritability, poor concentration, loss of self esteem, depression.

Atrophy of lower urogenital tract

Recurrent vaginal infection


Loss of libido.
Chronic –

Coronary artery disease

Treatment –

HRT -hormone replacement therapy

Some benefits as well as have potential risk with it 

Reduces symptoms

Prevention of osteoporosis

Prevention of coronary artery disease.
Risk –

Increase in incidence of genital cancers.

Endometrial hyperplasia


Post Menopausal bleeding 

Diet – healthy diet avoiding Vata prakopak aahar

 change in life style – proper exercise 

Rasayan- Rejuvenation medicine  and Panchkarma therapy like Snehan , Swedan ,Nasya , Shirodhara, Basti, Jaanu Basti, kati basti gives promising results .
* Female usually don’t go for routine Gynaec check up after her last child unless she suffers with major issue.
* It’s kind request to all Females to do visit their Gynaec atleast once a year.
** Do give time to self and to your Body .

Give 7 days break and It’s detoxification and Rejuvenation of your body at nearest authentic Ayurvedic Panchkarma centre and stay healthy live long.
* Let us not dismiss menopause as an ageing process or an endocrine disorder, but call it a ‘ GOLDEN PERIOD’ and provide these women efficient health care for happy and healthy life and help them to grow old gracefully.

​Dr- Rupali Mahadik

Amrutwel Women’s Clinic

Kharaghar, Navi Mumbai

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  1. Dr. Rupali your article about Menopause is good and your advice for women to visit a gynac at least once a year is also very appreciative, I will like to read such more articles related to gynac and obs about Ayurveda from your opinion, can you please mail such articles ,
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