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Understanding Emotions Of Infertile Couples.

Understanding Emotions Of Infertile Couples.
Infertility is one of those diagnosis in Medical practice where in besides it’s medical component, Emotional aspects are of profound Importance and inseparable from the medical components.
Loss of self esteem is a major effect of Infertility, what seemed a natural consequence of marriage and intercourse – becoming pregnant doesn’t result.
A couple is soon labelled having some problem.
 This leads to reactions like 

SHOCK- firstly they get into state of shock as they take fertility to be granted .

Soon this give way to DEPRESSION 

Depression characterised by a sense of hopelessness . 
Many patients  feel a tremendous sense of  GUILT for being Infertile led them to believe that they were responsible for upsetting their spouse or totally disrupting their Family .., and other form of loss of SELF ESTEEM.Most couple Reports even a loss of sexual happiness due to medical timing for infertility treatment.
Emotionally they tend to develop a deep sense of stress ,anger and guilt.

Last but not least – Help of supernatural by practising various forms of invocations and holding tantrik rites or wearing “stones” or “threads” which were believed to have some role .
All this emotions impact the treatment . Do understand that the life style, age, career stress,  and taking fertility granted leads to Max IVF centres. 
Get proper life style, Get properly investigated  , understand the cause and   avoid over stress.
​Dr- Rupali Mahadik

Amrutwel Women’s Clinic

sec – 3 , Kharaghar

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One thought on “Understanding Emotions Of Infertile Couples.

  1. True mam, I practice in a local village called as Koregaon Bhima it is 25 Kms from Pune on Nagar road, my Infertile couple are of age 21 to 28 years and married in 19 to 21 years age , the ha e tremendous family pressure of not having child even after 1 year of marriage, i just have to do counseling in first visit to make them aware that there are not alone or it is problem with every second couple it’s true our Villages are also have PCOS problem rather more the city i would say,but here i have to cut on certain investigation due to non affordability and lack of awareness .
    But felt good to read your article , thanks.


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