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Rainy season is a beautiful season with clouds, thunder and also creates a Pain in bones..Those people who have suffering with arthritis , osteoporosis and regionally from bad digestion..Those who travels more on bike..And habitual to eating outside foods are more prone to affected by Vat Vyadhi…
Vata  Dosha are responsible for digestion,calcium metabolism and blood circulation through vital organ of body…
So Panchkarma and herbal medicine in Ayurveda are more effective on vat Vyadhi during rainy season..

  Massage by medicated oils on affected knee,joints along with swedana according to diseases…. like potaali swedana or steam or Ruksha swedana 
 Then basti means a medicated oils basti ( Enema)..Or kashayam basti is given for some days which work on the metabolism and digestion of system..Through which proper circulation occurs ..That will avoid the formation of toxins inside the tissue and cells…This basti procedure works  as celluler mechanism and throw out the toxins from body…
And also there are some Basti who rejunate the energy of cells and tissue ..
Thats why Ayurveda work on base level..And disease are cure through completely by its roots..
Proper diet and reguler dincharya are also more important ..You need to follow the concept of ayurveda …
So what you waiting for….Go and get treated by your nearest Ayurvedic Physician…
Ayurveda for all…
Dr.sachin Bhor.





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