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Cervical factor and Infertility

Cervical factor and Infertility

Everyday with rising infertility issue and couple going under stress and anxiety  and been treated with assisted reproductive techniques  and facing physical , psychological and Economical burden , here  we need to rule out some basic factors affecting the fertility.
One of them is cervical factor which is important for natural conception .
Cervical mucus is a fluid secreted by the cervix, the production of which is stimulated by the hormone estrogen. 

The production of healthy  Cervical mucus plays a fundamental role in the trying to conceive process by nourishing and protecting sperm as it makes the long, arduous journey through the female reproductive tract to meet the egg.


Without fertile cervical mucous this cannot happen as easily. 
Cervical mucous is also a wonderful tool for detecting a woman’s peak fertile time.
Cervical Fluid Helps the Sperm in Three Ways.

1) It provides an alkaline environment for the sperm. A woman’s vagina is slightly acidic, and hostile to sperm.  Fertile cervical fluid is alkaline, like a man’s semen, and provides a safe harbor for the sperm.

2) It provides sustenance for the sperm, while they swim their way on up through the cervix, to reach the egg in the fallopian tube.  That’s a long way for such a small thing to swim.  The sperm need food along the way, and fertile cervical fluid provides the needed nutrition.

3) It provides an easy pathway for the sperm to swim through. While infertile cervical fluid, at a microscopic level, is like brambles and weeds that trip up the hopeful sperm, fertile cervical fluid has a beautiful crystalline structure that provides perfectly shaped passageways to allow sperm to swim with the least effort, and in the right direction, to meet the egg on time for their important date.  Fertile cervical fluid also helps filter out

irregular sperm so only the most suitable bachelors arrive at the egg’s doorstep.
Throughout the menstrual cycle, the amount and quality of cervical mucus that is produced will fluctuate, and by observing these changes female can begin to predict the most fertile days in her cycle.
After the menstrual period:

Sticky: Around day 7 or so,  cervix will start producing a sticky or pasty kind of cervical fluid.

This type of cervical fluid means is that the period of fertility has begun since sperm might now be able to survive in the infertile cervical fluid long enough for the fertile cervical fluid to be produced.
As  Ovulation Date Approaches: 

Creamy: As cycle progresses, estrogen level is rising every day, and with that rising tide of estrogen, the water content of  cervical fluid will increase. pasty cervical fluid now will be  Creamy cervical fluid
At the Time of Ovulation:

egg whites -fertile-quality cervical mucus-

 In the days immediately preceding ovulation, the production of cervical mucus will be at its highest and the consistency and color of the mucus will be similar to egg whites (fertile-quality cervical mucus)

 It’s alkaline, and has a beautiful crystaline structure when viewed under a microscope.  This special fluid can keep sperm alive for up to 5 days inside your body.

After Ovulation:

 After ovulation, the quantity of cervical mucus begins to decline and become thicker in consistency.
Infertility –
Female trying to conception procedure should get her body thoroughly examined including internal examination to rule out with other factors to rule out cervical health too.
Many females face leucorrhoea ( white discharge ) , cervicitis, repeated infection fungal or mixed type which can alter the cervical mucus.
One common cervical problem routinely seen in cervix is cervical erosion .
Cervical erosion can often affect the pregnancy because of the following conditions: 
an increase in cervical secretions, and mixed with a large number of white blood cells and pathogens, so that normal physiological vaginal environment has been damaged, the sperm motility is limited, the survival time, to stimulate the proliferation of cervical mucosa due to inflammation can be blocked cervix polyps grow directly affect the smooth passage of sperm, so that the sperm lost its vitality and impede the sperm’s survival and movement, so that it can not penetrate the cervix into the uterine cavity, leading to infertility. 
Symptoms of cervical erosion
In most of the conditions, it has been found that cervical erosion becomes asymptomatic in young women. It can be observed on routine examination of the pelvis. The other symptoms that can be attributed in the cervical erosion are commonly bleeding after intercourse. Cervical erosion can also be related to the bleeding that may occur at initial stage of pregnancy. 
Common symptoms of cervical erosion are presented below.   
_ Abnormality in vaginal discharge

 _ Abnormality in the flow of the vaginal bleeding is complained mainly in women

_ Pain during sexual intercourse Pain feels during and sometimes after sexual intercourse

_ Increased vaginal discharge The color of the vaginal discharge changes and becomes yellowish with and without odor


Ayurveda local treatments for cervical factor  like

Dhawana is deep cleaning of wound under aseptic precautions and making the wound clean and aseptic with water and medicinal preparations. 

It is a procedure in which the vagina, vaginal passage and cervix   is washed with medicated decoction or other liquids. 
and then healing with pich  ( Placing a Tampoon soaked in medicinal oil or liquid) 

 and in some complicated cases Local kshar karma application 
and oral herbal supplementation   is of great benefit to heal cervical erosion and get this egg white fertile cervical mucus.
There are many natural herbal preparations for supporting healthy cervical mucous production…like Yashtimadhu and Shatavari drugs.
Pic_ 1. watery scanty mucus   ,2_ egg white or fertile cervical mucus , 3_  sticky mucus,  4_ creamy yellowish mucus indicates infection  5- normal cervix and cervical erosion

Dr-Rupali Mahadik

Amrutwel Women’s Clinic



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