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After a break..
Again started to write..#GarbhiniParicharya.
Now #5thMonthGarbhiniParicharya
 5 th Mass ( Foetus in Fifth month)
पंचमेमासि गर्भस़्य मांसशोणितोपचयो भवत्यधिकमन्येभ्यो मासेभ्य:!! च सं शा ४/२१

In this Month accumulation of blood is relatively more and Mana becomes more enlighted .chetana is sensation  produced( utpana awstha) in this month ( in last Month it just vyakta awstha)
Normally the foetus of twenty one or twenty eight weeks of gestational age does not survive if delivered,however under specialised care foetus of even twenty one to twenty eight weeks are termed as previable..that’s why acharya said in this fifth month foetus called as Sajiva or sujivatava  Garbha
Then how should be the Paricharya..!!
5. पंचमे मासे क्षीरसर्पि:!!  च सं शा

षष्टिकौदनं…पंचमे पयसा ; जांगलम मांससहितं ह्रद्यमन्नं..!! सु सं शा..
As the month grows your diet should be vitamin and proteins riched..So granthakara has already a head of our thoughts..

They advised for grita Panam means 

Grita which is prepared by butter extracted from cow to be taken with milk .

Shatavari kalpa should be taken to all nine month..

Cooked sasti rice with milk ,meat of wild animals as per the grantha..But we can use goat..Along with reguler food with milk and grita..

Also…Payasa can be taken..A rice cooked with milk and swettened..
Garbhini awastha are passes  through three trimester.
 first trimester is kafa kala

 Second trimester is pitta kala 

 Third trimester is vat kala..
So according to that medicines and Aahara and vihar should be followed.
Dry grapes( prunes) at night are useful for good digestion .

Always feel good and positive..Beacuse whatever your desire that you will get in future..So always be happy..And spend as much time with your nearones and talk with them freely..
Whatever your mind want to do or want to eat..You should do and eat with proper adviced..
In Family..You are the special one so they should be careful that you should take proper rest..
Abhyanga is not advices till five months..Abhyanga means oil massage on body and also udavartana powder lapem on body are not adviced till five month so at the end of the fifth month they can starts it.
Morning with milk with shatavari+ jesthmadh with cow ghee
Mood swings are started with sudden emotion burts.So you should carry your controlled emotion by taking care that its natural that it comes ..Its just shows the behaviour of child that makes you cry and happy..So don’t worry about that too much..
Be happy and positive…
Medicines are the same as the last month..And regular body check up with girth,blood pressure and fetal sound to be checked..
Ayurvedic Medicines
Medicines :-

5 th Month Tablets.and madhumalini kalp

Shatavari yog
Pichu dharana by Bala tailam weekly once with all Hygine
Pregant Women  belly starts getting noticed and she become a special person for everyone so taking care of yourself is the prime concern for herself…
In Diet: Apple,Orange,Mosambi..( sweet lemon),Banana elaichi( lady finger banana which are small in size and sweet..)can be good for health…
Salads..:_ Red Carrots,Beats,Cabbage,Tomatoes,Cucumber also useful..
Dryfruits.:- Kharik( dry dates),Jaggary,dry Ground Nuts…in meanwhile also beneifiCal…

Pregnant women should eat periodically in regular intervals to fulfil hungriness. beacuse of that she can avoid vomiting sensation also…
Keep your mind in positive thoughts…!!!
And do Pranayam regulerly 
Like Anulom ,Vilom 


                 Soundlese Breathing 



                                Shavasana it all will take 10 to 20 min to do but should be done under expert observation.

     and yog Asana can be done from this month..


        Neck Exercise

             Shoulder lift

All should be done under expert observation only. 
  Reguler medical check up..Also important.
Thank you..
Sainath Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center



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