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Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss (with tips and home remedies)

Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss (with tips and home remedies)


More often than not, decline of a persons beauty over age starts with hair loss…There might not be a single person whose heart doesn’t sink when he sees strands of his or her crowning glory go down the sink..Yes , some people might look amazing even without hair , but not everyone is Vin Diesel to flaunt his shiny crown with confidence.Now who would like to be compared to an egg…And being compared to moon is great , but nobody is going to moon over you when the moon on your head starts from no moon and gets progressively bigger and won’t stop even at full moon.. .So,Lets start with the Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss step by step-

  Step 1-  Start with Using these simple  Ayurvedic Hair fall prevention Tips

1.Stop using harsh shampoos. Use this mixture instead to wash your hair –




Orange peel- dried

Take these in same quantity each and use it to wash hair.

If your hair is naturally oily add some

 Multani mitti  and

Ritha powder   to it .

If you have applied a lot of oil and you want your hair to be dry, use a little shampoo, a mild one , before applying this mixture to hair .

These powders are available seperately on amazon .. you can mix and use them , but buying from local shops in your city might be a cheaper option.

Kesini by Arya Vaidya Prashala (AVP) pharmacy is a good ready made powder with nice results ,  If above powders are not available to you , you can buy Kesini online and use it for hair wash.

2 .Applying hair oil is a must at least twice a week.You can use Nilibringadi Keratailam  , or Kunthalakanthi Tailam . Good results with these oils. Be sure to buy from a good company like Kottakal or AVP etc.Wash it off after one hour if you don’t like oily hair .

Anything applied on skin gets absorbed in one muhurt (45 minutes).So you can wash off after that, though Regular application or overnight application is better. Following are the benefits of applying oil regularly –


Benefits of applying hair oil –

नित्यम् स्नेहार्द्र शिरसा शिरःशूलं न जायते |

न खालीत्यम न पालीत्यं न केशाः प्रपंती च |

बलं शिरः कापालानाम विशेशानाभिवार्धते |

द्रूढमुलाश्च दिर्घाश्च कृष्णः केश भवन्ति च |

इंद्रियांनी प्रसीदन्ति सुत्वभवतीचाननाम||

निद्रालाभः सुखं च स्यान्मुर्ध्नी तैलानिशेवना ||

चरक सूत्रस्थान अध्याय ५ –  श्लोक ८१-८३


Appling hair regularly in fair quantity gives following benefits-

Prevents headaches

prevents hair fall

Prevents greying of hair

strengthning of scalp

Strong, long , and black hair.Improvement of facial glow.

Ensures good sleep


If you absolutely do not like hair oils then you can use following home made hair pack-

Mix the following in equal amounts. Mix it with fresh aloe vera pulp  or readymade Aloe Vera Gel and apply on scalp. keep it for around 20 minutes. Wash off.

Ingredients are-

Jaswand powder

Bramhi powder

Kachora powder

Musta powder

almond oil – 8-10 drops


3.Treat dandruff and scalp skin problems. Dr. Jain’s Donacare Anti Dandruff Gel  is a good option if you dont have time , or you could use Durduradi tailam .


4. Have 1 tsp Sesame seeds on empty stomach daily . It is the Rasayana for hair. Read more about Rasayana here.


5. Take the over the counter Ayurvedic hair supplement -‘ Asthiposhak tablets’ by Dhootpapeshwar  for strengthening yourAsthi Dhatu.

Step 2- Go to the roots-Remove cause.

When people think of Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss, they just think it as a collection of external applications… but thats not the case…Applying random oils and hair serums is not the solution.. ( Yes ,it is liquid but still not the solution). Treatment for any disease in ayurveda starts with removing the cause.

I have tried to summarise the causes for you. Think over the reason of your hair fall from below list and try to remove it. I have not listed the obvious major causes like major illnesses , Chemotherapy etc, because most people don’t have these reasons, and those who have, have a lot other reasons to worry than hair fall.


Causes of hair fall


दहनम केशभूमेःतेजसा वातादी सहितेन|

1.The inflammation of scalp due to over exposure to heat- due to hair dryers/sun exposure and increased vaata causes hair fall.

2. Dryness of the scalp due to increased vaata causes hair to fall off, as well as causes breakage of hair

3.Improper digestion causes less nutrients to be absorbed and in turn sabotages hair. Dandruff is the number one killer of hair and should be arrested    immediately

4.Many times Psoriasis of scalp goes undiagnosed as people mistake it for stubborn dandruff .People with pitta as their prominent dosha have an inborn tendency of thinning hair, and greying too.

5.Vitiation of asthi Dhatu (related to bones ) is the most important reason of hair fall according to ayurveda. Hair are formed as a byproduct remaining from material used to make bones as per ayurveda . So, if bone creating material is not good , so will be it’s by-product.

6.Stess can take a toll over your beautiful tresses. So don’t stress over that hair fall… It might become a vicious cycle… Stress-hair fall-more stress..

So, find your reason from above list and eliminate it,

Step 3-

.If you have digestive problems

/ Low haemoglobin/

or the problem persists… visit your doctor.


Chikitsa sutra for Ayurveda Practitioners-

Ayurvedic treatment for hairfall-

1.Khalitya chikitsa

2. Asthi dhatu poshan

3.Pitta Shaman

4.Vaata shaman- local and saarvadehik

5. Keshya chikitsa

6. Rasayan

7. Dushta pratishyay chikitsa

8. Check for Grahani, Pandu , Daarunak, Nutritional deficiencies, hypothyroidism

9. Check for Shushka Revati graha in infants

If the article, “ Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss” was useful to you in any way, do share it to spread the information. Read more such articles at my blog  . Glory to Ayurveda !!


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