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Diabetes means no rice. Applicable for all. Even if you are South Indian, quit rice and start Chapati. And that is because there is a myth that Rice increases Sugar and Wheat reduces it. This myth became belief and became so strong, that even Doctors started advising the same thing. Even today most of the patients say that they were advised by their doctors to start wheat.
When there is a doubt about what to eat and what not to eat, people find their way towards Ayurved. Not to study or to follow exactly as told by Ayurved, but just to use the name. Means this thing is told by Ayurved, if you have any doubt, just read by yourself. Who is gonna read those huge Sanskrit texts? People just accept and another Myth gets sold on Ayurved’s name.
Ayurved doesn’t ask to quit Rice, it rather tells way out for using Rice, Neither tells to start only wheat. Who started this idea??? can be a research topic. Because even modern science has a different view about using wheat in diabetics.
According to modern science, Wheat is a rich source of Gluten. And it is toxic for Pancreas. Implied that Pancreas is already sick and Gluten is had in great quantity for long time. Excessive intake of Gluten harms intestine also. Pancreas produces insulin which causes utilisation of Sugar in the body. If this organ is damaged, it causes Diabetes. Means in Diabetes if one has excess of wheat, Gluten in wheat can destroy Pancreas. Means if you are eating wheat you aren’t going away from Diabetes, instead you are going deep into it. This is a proven fact, and many patients are found affected because of the same reason.
So stopping Rice and eating Wheat only is like ‘धोबी का कुत्ता’, theory which is “ना आयुर्वेद की ना माॅडर्न की”
©Vaidya Amit Pal


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