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Wheat is the only choice given to a diabetic once he is diagnosed. And all the rice lovers get disappointed. So obvious for them. But what to do. No option but to listen to the doctor.
Some of them who don’t like Chapati, visit Ayurved physicians for advise out of curiosity if at least Ayurved could give some way out.
Of course it does. Ayurved never disappoint anyone. Ayurved doesnt ask to quit rice completely. It gives alternatives. 

What does Ayurved say,
1- Do not use newly harvested Paddy for cooking rice. Because new rice is one of the reason for manifestation of Prameha. 

2- If Old harvested rice is not at all available then use new rice after roasting. 

3- The amount of rice required for cooking should be taken in a pan and should be roasted on low flame. After roasting it should be boiled.

4- Even if one is using Red variety, it should be subjected to roasting and then should he cooked.

5- Rice should be eaten only after it is properly cooked. It should not be kept half boiled, as it is done for the non sticky consistency. That actually makes rice difficult to digest. 

6- Try to avoid using Pressure Cooker. If impossible then use the cooker after following the above instructions. 

7- Use open vessel for boiling rice. After boiling, rice should be consumed only after filtering out all the water to dry it out.
Follow these simple things and you can enjoy Rice though you are Diabetic.
©Vaidya Amit Pal


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