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​Garbhini Paricharya …for third Month..

​Garbhini Paricharya …for third Month..
Till now we discussed the first and second Month Garbhini Paricharya..

Now third Month is last month of 1 St trimester..
Somehow a happy moments for mother..beacause nausea,vomiting sensation are now slowly decreases as the end of the month..( some women may feel till 4 to 5 month it’s also Normal )
Sleepiness and hunger also immensely increases..your weight also starts rising..and the girth also starts to increasing…
Somehow some hurdles also comes in this month like miscarriage and bleeding or spotting …so careful diet and travelling  is also advised..
How is baby growing inside the womb..
According Ayurvedic Acharya..they have written thousands of year ago without Sonography and investigation..

Third Month all the indriyas and minor body parts become apparent,five buds one for head and four for upper and lower extremities develop with hair,nails…

According to Vaghbhat Acharya with this developments of embreyo is capable of sorrow and happiness

According to acharya kashyap embreyo can feel pain 

According to Acharya Chakrapani a Body hair also developed..
Diet is as said in Last Article ,about 2 nd Month Paricharya is mostly same..
Some changes in medicine and diet ..are described now..
3 Rd Month Ayurvedic Medicine
( Aapta+ kaletil+manjistha+shatavari ) with powder form or tab with milk and ghee of shatavari or kalyanak ghee in morning with empty stomach.
And other medicine as described in second month should follow.
 This medicines are for Baby and Mother..development  Which contains all nutrition and vitamins  
Day starts with Pranayam

 for 10 -20 min.

With Sukhasan 

          Anulom Vilom

Then Medicated Bath..

Then Breakfast with 
Shatavari and Jesthmadh medicated Milk with slightly honey and Ghee.
With green vegetables which should be full of iron and foliate..

Spinach,carrots,cabbage,crown dill leafs..
In between Fruits like 11 Am

Apple,sweet lime,sapodilla fruits,elachi banana etc are good for health
In Afternoon 1 PM 

Food with Milk and Rice ( old Rice)
Pulses like Mug,Massor (green gram,Split Red lentils) are good source of vitamins
With medicated ghee like shatavari in food..
Grains to eat like – wheat,rice,jowar(little millet),finger millet..are good for health.
Green gram and Rice mixture of khichadi good for health 
Evening 4 pm with salads like carrots,beetroots, coconuts, jaggary,groundnuts are rich source of irons and Vitamins..
Avoid anything in markets which are keptfor long time with preservatives..
Avoid bread,butter,maida foods..
No food in between 5 to 7 pm, can drink juices or water..
Exercise – just a walk of 45 mins In A day..
Avoids more travelling in this month ..if it necessary then carefully..
Dinner before 8 o’clock   like lunch..and at night with  Cup of Cow Milk.
Avoid Heat producing products like Tea,Coffe..
No Tail Abhyang..or Udarvartan..Powder massage in Till 5 month.
Water intake should be 5 to 6 glasses ,a sips according to your thirst..
As the third Month …

Docter important…
And their investigation… know well development of baby and mother…!!!
( This Information is just for the knowledge of Ayurveda..For proper Ayurvedic Garbhini Paricharya and Medicine,Please contact Reg.Ayurvedic Practitioner..,Do Not self Medicate your self).
Ayurveda For all..
Vaidya Sachin Bhor

Shree Sainath Ayurveda & Panchakarma Clinic

Shree NAGAR,Wagle Estate, Thane

Monday to Saturday..

Harmony ,shop A 16, Pradhikaran, Bhondve Corner,Rawet,Every Sunday..!!


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