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If you have constipation, drink juice of Pear, 

and you will pass the stools my dear. 

No more constipation, just have this juice. 

Didn’t happen anything, keep taking, 

today or tomorrow you will find it of use.

No need to mention who says so,

Because who sells Ayurved we all know.
Generally these things aren’t based on Ayurved. The action which is claimed is explainable through Modern medical science or Modern dietetics. But, just being somewhere related to natural remedy as these fruits are from natural origine, and more than that people fall for the name Ayurved, these are labelled as Ayurved.
Pear is astringent fruit. According to Ayurved such taste leads to Stambhana. Stambhana means to squeeze shut the opening. If something shuts the opening up, logically it shouldn’t be clearing the bowels. Actually it doesn’t happen so. That’s why anything that is Astringent in taste leads to constipation. Closed doors make the things locked inside and that causes hard stools. 
Aacharya Gangasahaya Pandey mentions in his commentary of Bhavaprakash Nighantu, Pear is heavy fruit, so takes more time to get digested. It  increases Vaata and also causes hard stools. 
But I would say, even if explainable by modern, its okay to use these things. Because some or other way it can be proven to be effective. 
But in this case even Modern science says, “In the event of diarrhea, lightly astringent properties of Pear help to overcome it, being of excellent help for the treatment of the colitis.” Means Pear is a RED signal for stools. So just imagine what will happen if you turn on Red signal when the road is already full of non moving traffic.
This anti constipation phenomenon of Pear would be like on No man’s land. “Na Ghar Ka, Na Ghat Ka”

“पेट साफ करनेवाला नाशपती, 

ना आयुर्वेदका ना माॅडर्न का।” 

Somebody help the Pear to decide the side. 
©Vaidya Amit Pal


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