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​Garbhini Paricharya of 2 nd Month..

​Garbhini Paricharya of 2 nd Month..
As the Ist month details has been written in last article ,the same way followed in 2 nd Month..
Second Month Medicine for Baby and mother..

Which contains all nutrition and garbh Rakshak medicines..which helps to well growth of baby. .
Avoid of Food Like- Sour,Bitter,curd,lemon,Cold Food..

Food should be Fresh and warm.. to eat.
Ayurveda has written very beautifuly about caring of baby and mother..

Starts from 

Bath the baby growth in uterus..mother feels uncomfortable and vat dosha increases in body..

So  Medicated bath water are made to bath for Mother..

To relive the body pain and lethargy …and she feel comfortable all day..
Our Clinic has Made A diet..
Breakfast 8 am with milk with medicated powder which contains calcium and irons..
With green vegetables which should be full of iron and foliate..

Spinach,carrots,cabbage,crown dill leafs
In between Fruits like 11 Am

Apple,sweet lime,sapodilla fruits,elachi banana etc are good for health
In Afternoon 1 PM 

Pulses like Mug,Massor (green gram,Split Red lentils) are good source of vitamins

With medicated ghee in food..
Grains to eat like – wheat,rice,jowar(little millet),finger millet..are good for health.
Evening 4 pm with salads like carrots,beetroots, coconuts, jaggary,groundnuts are rich source of irons and Vitamins..
Avoid bread,butter,maida foods..
No food in between 5 to 7 pm, can drink juices or water..
Evening at 6 pm.10 to 15 min Pranayam..
Exercise – just a walk of 45 mins In A day..
Dinner before 8 o’clock   like lunch..and at night with  Cup

Of Milk..
And every Month 
Docter consultation …is Must.
( This Information is just for the awareness and knowledge of Ayurveda and it’s Not a Complete Paricharya,Beacuse medicines are not written in that so..For proper Paricharya and Ayurvedic consultation do consult with Reg. Ayurvedic Practitioner…)
Ayurveda For all..
Vaidya Sachin Bhor

Sulbha’s Trusts

Shree Sainath Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center

Shreenagar, Thane.9821832578.

Monday to Saturday .

Harmoney ,A Shop 16 ,Rawet,Bhondve Corner,Pune.

8451023643,9821832578 .Every Sunday.10 to 2.


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