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Prameha is of two types. So is Diabetes. Any Pramehi can be either Stout like Hardy or Thin like Laurel. In Diabetes there are two types. Type 1 and Type 2. Obvious for people to think that Diabetes and Prameha are same. Even the types are same. Reason is, Type 2 diabetics are like Hardy and Type 1 Diabetics are like Laurel, similar to types of Prameha.
Type 1 is a type which is present since birth, or since early stages of life, or heriditory. As it persists since birth or very early age, patient becomes very thin as he doesn’t get enough nutrition because of the nature of the disease.
The one which is considered as Lifestyle Disorder is the Second Type. Lack of physical activities, less strainous work, make one susceptible to this lifestyle disorder. In this type, one becomes Obese. Reducing weight is one of the key step in treating this type. If you are stout, beware of this type.
But not the same with Prameha. You aren’t forgiven if you are lean and thin, or you belong to the family with no history of Prameha. Anyone who doesn’t follow proper regimens as per season, proper diet, and proper exercise, are bound to get this disease.
Type 1 is from birth, and I don’t have it since birth, so no Type 1 for me. And I am lean and thin with fit body, so no Type 2 as well. If your are one of those who think so, attention. You may not get any Type of Diabetes, but you may get any type of Prameha. Diabetes may be biased Prameha isn’t.
©Vaidya Amit Pal

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