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While working for loosing weight, there is a famous trick. Using protein rich diet and working out. If meat has got loads of proteins, then this is absolutely the right choice. That makes any fitness freak to go party. Meat Party.
My friends once said when he had been to home on a long vacation, ‘That’s life man. Enjoying home stay. Daily Non Veg…..’ Means for them meat is the absolute enjoyment of food. It is hard for them to imagine the food ecstasy in absence of meat. So Meat means Party, and thats what makes them go for the weight loss mission happily.
Ayurved says anything you have, increases what it resemble in the body. So if you have meat, it increases the meat. Increasing muscles is not a problem, but making the in taken meat to convert  it to Meat, one needs to have proper digestive capacity. If not it becomes improperly formed waste depositions. And this thing leads to increase of Fat. I wanted to loose weight and started putting on the Fat by the name of meat in the body.
Actually protein diet is meant for some different reason. Such diet being heavy to digest, it reduces intake of excess of food. Also it eliminates Sugar and Carbohydrates which turns into fats.
After workout there is loss of Fat and Increase of Vaata. To pacify this increased Vaata and to strengthen the Muscles one needs Meat. And this meat increase meat in the body as per the principles of Ayurved. So meat gets digested or not, it ultimately increases weight. Using it while loosing weight is not for loosing weight though. Have a great Digestive fire and strong will power to work out, and you can have it.
(Meat is not the only option, I guess you know that)
©Vaidya Amit Pal

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