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​|| Allergy ||

Allergy is a trump card word.

Whenever a medical practitioner fails in diagnosis or patient can not be relieved in stipulated time, allergy is declared. 

Many times being on safer side and not to loose the patient at earliest, practitioners use this word vigorously.

Many patients also put them into the patients chair, saying that he is a sufferer of allergy. 
First we have to see the patient thoroughly with all the Ayurved concepts especially from responsible factors (hetu or nidaan) and then doshik involvement in the samprapti i.e. flowchart of progress of an ailment.

Once we decide dosh responsible for his signs and symptoms, we can plan shodhan and shaman chikitsa as per the situation. This will cure him. Then we have to make arrangement for apunarudbhav chikitsa which will avoid recurrence of the disease. 
Generally what we denote allergy is pratishyaya or pinas or a kind of kushtha i.e. skin disorder. If we go by above criterion, we get success. And there remains no question of allergy.
Yet, the terms said in Ayurved as 

Saatmya – Asatmya – Oksatmya 

are somewhat nearer to the so called allergy.
Consumption of an Asatmya causes imbalance of doshas and therefore result into an ailment. 

There is ample description of such things scattered in samhitas. One can find it if he tries to go through the samhitas in that regard or intention. Charak has even stated about Asatmya Jal i.e. drinking water. If someone migrated in the area where he or she cannot suit the water available there, he should not give up but with time he will make his body adjustable to suit the available water. These minute things described in samhitas are a great vision provided to us and we can create effective policy against the real allergic conditions.
The recent example of water reveals the fact that every time we can not run away from causative factors but we have to mould our natural psychosomatic tendency to adjust with the nature. And we are doing it currently also. We consume so many pesticides and artificial things which are like poison but we are surviving. This is nature. We are adjusting many many Asatmya things nowadays. These Asatmya, we can say allergens are all around us. In our air, water, food, fruits, vegetables, oils, ghrit, our clothing … nothing is exempted from allergens. Only some of us, sometimes get ill and we have all the therapies in Ayurved like Panchkarma, Rasayan chikitsa and Swasthvritta rules as well as Aacharan to save humanity from these hazardous unwanted allergens.
After a long long thinking and studying principles of Ayurved ad well as many preparations available in market, I have found some great formulations that we can randomly use to tackle successfully these so called allergic situations. Some of the main contents I can state here are : 3 well-known rasayan fruits, shwet sariwa, guggulu, kanchanar, rajani etc.
Finally I can state that, an Ayurved vaidya should not make himself confused in modern way of thinking about allergy. Just forget that hypersensitivity and that histamine and all those hypotheses. Only see the patient, his constitution, his way of living, his detailed history regarding his illness and make pure Ayurved treatment plan for him including samshodhan as well as shaman chikitsa. Show him pathway for ideal healthy living. Take keen observation of the patients routine even about teeth and mouth washing – bathing soaps – hair oils etc. everything. Find faults and correct them. That is all to conquer over allergy !!!


Jalgaon M.S. 




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