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Nanotechnology in Aushadhi Garbhasanskar products 

​!!!   Nanotechnology in Aushadhi Garbhasanskar products   !!!

– Bhavana and Mardan –

(Micronization and Potentisation)
1,000,000,000th part of a meter is defined as Nano-particle. The science of using this technique in pharmaceutical preparations is called Nanotechnology. Mr. Richard Phillips Feynman, an American theoretical physicist delivered first lecture on Nanotechnology on 29th December 1959. It is surprising to know that nature has installed this science in human body by birth.  
Physical disintegration and chemical adaptation both occur while masticating the food. Both these activities are essential for proper assimilation of the food in the system. Dental activity converts the food in small particles and salivary amylase acclimatizes it for assimilation. Understanding this natural phenomenon, Ayurveda has wisely adopted this process for manufacturing medicinal preparations since ancient times. The use of such technology is mainly used while preparing formulations containing metals and minerals. 
As mentioned in the theory of Nanotechnogy, the drugs used even in minute quantities become more active, the toxicity is removed. Physical disintegration and chemical processes are involved for achieving these qualities. Along with water, the saliva is composed of electrolytes, mucous, glycoproteins, digestive enzymes, immunoglobulins A and Lysozyme. These chemicals help to suppress, dilute and eliminate toxic or harmful constituents if consumed. The process of nanonization triggers the assimilation of active ingredients in the drug, they dissolve rapidly, the absorption is optimum, is directed to the essential system after intestinal absorption, the drug becomes more stable and the shelf life is increased. This phenomenon is termed as Enhanced Permeability and Retention (EPR) 
The consideration of Nanotechnology is of crucial importance while structuring the medicinal formulations. According to Ayurveda, the constituents are initially absorbed in Ras-Dhatu, then in Rakta-Dhatu, then Mamsa-Dhatu and finally in Shukra-Dhatu. To pass from all these thresholds, the active drugs should be of Nano size and can be obtained only by Micronization and Potentisation (Mardan and Bhavana sanskar). Unless these procedures are adopted, therapeutic properties may not reach to the desired system of the body. 
All tablets in ‘Aushadhi Garbhasanskar’ basket are manufactured by using these processes because the desired system is at the level of “Shukra & Aartav”. Following steps are used in manufacturing –

1) The herbal constituents are ground by using Impact Pulverizer which gives optimum yield without eliminating the fiber contents.

2) The herbs are measured in approved quantities after pulverizing and then mixed.

3) The juice (Swaras) or decoction of one of the major active ingredients is soaked overnight in 16 times water. 

4) This decoction is boiled on low fire till one eighth part remains.

5) This is then added to the powders and triturated repeatedly.

6) The drying is done by using FBD process as it does not cause charring of the raw material.

7) The granulation is done by using appropriate binders as approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

8) The tablets are compressed as per the programmed dosage. 
Dr. Sudhir Deshpande, (M.D. Rasashastra/ Bhaishjya kalpana), Head of the department, Podar Medical Institute has praised this effort. He also added that the efficacy of these products will multiply in terms of therapeutic role. 
Dr. Namdeo Jadhav (M.Pharm., PhD), Head of the department, Pharmaceutics, from Pharmacy college of Bharti Vidyapeeth, Kolhapur has wholeheartedly endorsed this theory.   
Dr. Santosh Jalukar

Director, Akshay Pharma Remedies, Mumbai



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