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​Dengue fever or malarial fever..And KitLuta Dansh Chikitsa.

​Dengue fever or malarial fever..And KitLuta Dansh Chikitsa.
A fever which comes in interval and with high grade fever…

With chills and rigor..

Tongue becomes whitish..

Sever weakness and loss of appetite…


Musucler pain


Sometimes in malarial fever..

  Vomiting,nausea,high grade fever,with headech,and if this fever not treated well then worse condition also meningits etc.
So it’s need to treat the fever on time…and by Registered doctor only..
And Do not take medicine by itself through chemist with prescription.. It will harm your body immunity and health..
In this cases..
platelates count get decreases..and weakness increases…fever comes regularly..

In Ayurveda..

This type of fever..when we going to treat..
According to dosha dhatu mala ..we have to give doshapratyanik chikitsa..

If like Vatkphaj jwar chikitsa..
But thats not enough to break the diagnosis..or we called Samprapti…of this disease..
This disease is occurred due to flies..or mosquito bites..and beacauese of their salival toxins blood platelets get down and fever increases..
So in Asthanhrudaya..grantha..As Vyadhipratyanik chikitsa..
Kit Luta dawnsh ( Bite) chikitsa is described…
And by giving this treatment..we can kill the toxins..inside the blood…
Like one of the medicine.. Is
Dashang Agad.. This medicine if given in empty stomach with honey for two times for 15 days..
Then fever subsides slowly within five days….and for weakness..the diet has to improve with good hydration…
Kalyan and Dombiwali area ..lots dengue fever patients are found this medicine will improve the health of patients..
So kindly consult with your nearest Ayurvedic Physician…and be healthy….!!
Thank you..
Sainath Ayurveda

Vaidya Sachin Bhor

Thane./ Pune


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