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One should drink water, but not too much, is what Ayurved says. Now how much is not too much is an obvious doubt.

Actually the requirement of amount of water of our body is always fulfilled through our regular food. More than that is not required for a body which does non strainous regular work. When the physical work is more, then there is requirement of water. And this requirement is easily recognisable. Means whenever needed body demands for it. Person feels thirsty, throat gets dried, there is heavy breathing and giddiness. When these are observed as a result of heavy physical work, one should have water. That too not hastily, very slowly and in little quantity.

According to Ayurved, except for Summer and Autumn, anyone should keep least amount of water intake.

Other than that, water should be had with meals. Ayurved says, drinking large amount of water before and after meals is not good for health. Except for certain conditions, water should always be had with food. It should also be had in less quantity and very slowly.

Few have a habit of drinking lot of water while eating, as if the morsel of food is doing Dharna at their throat. They finish liters for lunch and liters for dinner, which is also not correct. This affects the quantity of food and our Agni has to work more on digesting water.

Early morning empty stomach, and late night before sleep drinking at least half a liter water is a very common habit. This affects digestion and leads to related disorders. So if you are one among them, please stop this habit.

Right time is the right way to drink water.

©Vaidya Amit Pal
Shree Vyankatesh Ayurved


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