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Yonistrava or vagainal discharges.or Swetsrava

Yonistrava or vagainal discharges.or SwetsravaFB_IMG_1471965777733.

Yonistrava – in this article we going discuss ,discharges or Secreation other than regular menses may called Swetsrava..

Women’s patient always hesitate to say vaginal problems,vaginal discharges..that leads to infections and a symptoms later becomes disease.

Vaginal discharges are depends on the self thinking nature,self confidence and unhygiene conditions..

Vagina always secreates a secreation more or less to maintain the pH of it and keep wet inside by means it not get dry..
Reproductive system always maintain
it by thereself.
Many females concerns more about it ..and
Many even doesn’t care about it..

Vaginal excessive discharges, it’s not a disease its a symptoms of diseases..

Discharges ..
Are like
@ purulent discharges
@thick foul smell discharges
@blood stained mixed vaginal discharge
@Thin ,watery,vaginal discharge mainly called leucorrhea.
@ Somroga.secreation through urinary tract.

@ purulent is discharge found in the infection or inflammation caused by bacteria in any part of Repro.system.

This is associated with kapha dosha and secondary with pitta dosha for pus formation.
Pitta dosha is morely lately aggrivated beacause of
hot,acidic,salty foods
Excessive coitus
Unhyginic conditions.

that suppresses the vat and kapha dosha and with help of Rakt dosha
Pitta creates inflammation, daha,itching,dryness and burning sensation with purulent secreation

@ diseases-
Many times it followed with

Fever-tenderness at vaginal area with profuse watery discharge.. Here Fever is the disease and symptoms is discharges.

@Panduta or kshaya- here dhatuagnimandya creates dusta ras and rakt dhatu creates discharges at vaginal area and inflammation at uterus ,ovary or cervical region.
Patient feels lethargy,wekness, breathless beacuse of AAMA AT DHATU WHICH CREATES

Few womes sometimes interpret normal vulval odour as foul smelling discharges..
But non cleaningness of Repro.organs may gives rise foul smells with thick discharges created by kapha dosha a curd…
That continues discharges Sympotoms of
Imflammation at cervical
Tissue degeneration
Or necrosis..

@Watery discharges likely called leucorrhea.

Use of late night food eating habbit..
Cold food eating habbit in morning
Abhishyandi ( moisture producing) food
Late night Sleeping
Day sleeping

This all things aggravated the kapha dosha at Repr.system and creates mucus discharges due to the ras dhatu agnimandyata.
With itching and irritation symptoms..!!

@ discharges with blood..
Other than menstrual cycles menses…
If discharges through vagina with blood with mucus are signs of erosions or ulcers at cervical or uterine region..or malignant also
This type of cases has to take care ..immediately..

@ Some types of discharges ..are continues for years but in less amount also it irritates the patient..
But sooner consult with has to be checked soon.

By pap smear or colposcopy..!!

@ Sometimes Women’s don’t understand that this secreation comes from vagina or from urinary tract.
# many times white discharge also comes from urinary tract after passing of urine ,patients complain of watery,thick discharges..this type of discharge are called Somroga..or many called as Shwetsrava..also..

This happens beacuse of urinary tract infection,inflammation or
If a patient is diabetic also complains about this type of discharges..

According to the disease the treatment is followed.

So this are the types and how to deal with it.?

@Diet – Ayurveda given an excellent diet at every season..we must follow according to that called dincharya and hrutucharya.

Avoid spicy ,abhhishandi ( moisture producing) foods
Avoid late night food
Avoid cold and fermented food more
Avoid spicy and outsides food..changes of oil creates agnimandyata

Fresh fruits,fresh foods are always good to eat.. And easily to digest..

#cleaning of Reproductive must..
By triphaladi kashayam ..
Or by panchvalkaladi kashayam.

# cleaningness after coitus also..

#Use of Good sanitary napkins..or strile cloths..


Women’s work hard daily with stress.
So early morning
30 min
Pranayam,kapalbhati,kumbhak,shavasan is very beneficial to them(.Follow the Sulbha Yog Kriya of Sainath Ayurveda.,Thane)

Avoid day sleeping .

Avoid weight gain …so walk of 45 min daily can avoid your gaining of may at evening or in morning..but that walk should be continue with always test your increased.

4 to 5 small meals in day..keep you healthy..


For the treatment of discharges..

You must go to consult with Ayurvedic consultant for Ayurvedic treatment.. It’s not a big diseases.. It just a symptoms.. Bt has to treat as early…
So dont hesitate to complain…!!!

Thank you…

Ayurveda for all

Vaidya Sachin Bhor

Sulbha’ s Shree Sainath Ayurveda Panchakarma clinic and Reaserch center.



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