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Healthy Referral must be promoted between inter-extra disciplinary Medical systems

*Healthy Referral must be promoted between inter-extra disciplinary Medical systems*
(An article from the Blog of Dr Navin Joshi)
Nothing is complete in this world a proverb is totally fit in the medical system also.Knowlegde or science is a continuous process of research,analysis and establishing and breaking some concepts.The thing which is estabished now will sustain in next 5 years or not  it can’t be said.Medical system is also not a complete system.When there is an Cardiac/Accidental emergency what is the best option we have?The answer is Modern Medicine.The lifesaving drugs and devices has an imporatnt role in saving our precious life at that time.Same thing will  happens when there is a need of Emegency Surgical intervention.So we have  to accept the Modern medical technological advancement. When a patient is suffering from chronic autoimmune ailments the other system like Ayurveda,Unani and Homeopathy shows excellent results. Lot of statements are coming in reference to  Homeopathy now a days in western media .There is a campaign going on in British and other International media that Homeopathy is dangerous,it is a placebo treatment etc etc.Why we forget that the German Doctor Samuel Haneman was a Doctor of Modern Medicine.Why he develops the concept of Similus. When you saw the History of Medicine the tinctures were the common drugs prior to antimicrobial one. And these tinctures were made from different Herbs.In Modern surgical techniques ,exact methods were copied and developed ,as techniques described by Acharya Susruta. Yes it’s a truth that anesthesia techniques were not as advanced at that time and painful invasive techniques  unpopularizes the  surgical  community of that time in the name of “Himsa”. Now a days the modern medical community not  wants to refer the case beyond their limitations to other systems of medicine.Even Ayurvedic and other system’s, doctors are not interested in interdisciplinary referral.But the great scholar of Ayurveda Charka had also quoted thousand of years back in reference to referral as :

तत्र धान्वंतरीयाणामअधिकार: क्रियाविधौI
वैद्यानाम क्रित्योग्यानाम व्यध शोधनरोपणे II

The best example of co-ordination between Doctors (Vaidya) is seen in this quote and how the case was referred to an  expert surgeon is mentioned in this .Why these things are not applied in the practical medical discipline?The lack of co-ordination will ultimately leads to the financial,psychological and physical loss of humanity.Our body consists of Natural elements and the tratment near to nature is seen of having excellent results in certain ailments.So it is our duty  to refer the patient to expert physician of concerned speciality.
*Dr Navin Joshi*
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One thought on “Healthy Referral must be promoted between inter-extra disciplinary Medical systems

  1. Wonderful piece of info with gravity in every word…these days modern medicines are just treating diseases with a package of siude effects along with…one has to be ready for that if going for modern med.
    Both are equally important with the fast developing and evolving technology…


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