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!!! Baby… !!!

AFter a Fresh….New day..with almost positive,thoughtful…
I always write an article we need a subject…to boost your mind..
One of my female patient…taking medicine from me..for infertility…
Before Conception..
After Conception..
Complete Garbhasanskar ( Garbhasanskar is procedure we called a sanskar..from before Conception of couple to 9 Month Medicinal therapy to birth )
And after delivering a beautiful baby girl…
That baby since 1 St day to 1 year..she was completely on Ayurvedic Medicine…and Going on..
Baby weight from
1 St Month 3 kg
2 nd Month. 3.8 kg
3 Month. 4.6 kg
4 th Month 5.5 kg
5 month 6 kg
7 th 6.8kg
8 th 7 .3 kg
9 Month 8 kg
10 Month 9 kg
11 Month 9.5 kg
12 month 10.8kg

Till one year baby not taking any alopathy medicine..Baby is healthy,active and all development & growth like
Picking of obstacles
And last gooing Good..

Till 6 Month baby was on Mothers Milk..
So Medicine which is given to baby…
Is for Both ..Mother and for Baby also..
Most of the time between 1 to 6 month baby completely on Mothers Milk..
So Mother has to understand what to means child not get affected more..

Many of the time when mother get indigestion.. Or ate something unhyginic or any spicy ..then baby digestion also disturb…

So The medicine is followed with mother and baby… Result will get very nicely..
Many time patient ask..
Doctor why I should take medicine baby is actually suffered…
My answer is your baby is completely feed by you have to understand the proper diet of yourself

No Used …till Now…and Baby is completely Antibiotic Free..with Well immune…

Now a days…Use Of Antibiotics.. Is become so Vast. That…one day..No Antibiotic will Remain for people..All will get resistance To body…( Hope that will not happen)

Many Time..self Medication to baby and yourself by Parents.. Killing the immunity of Body….

Please..Don’t Use Antibiotic or any Ayurvedic or Alopathy Medicine without Doctors prescription !!!

What are the disease…
Baby mostly Faced during childhood pronely…

Indigestion..Formation of stool..can be perfectly said by parents..
We always understand the parents.. They know very well their child..

My child 2 days ,three days not passing stool..and if passed its very hard stool passed..
This type of description comes from mother..

Or sometimes..
Nothing is staying in the stomach ..even after taking Milk..he passes very fossy and watery stool..
That time anal region getting Red and reddish patches occurs..that time we have to stop Milk of mother ..and medicine has to start according To body and diagnosis.. Or Milk with medicine is given..

Many children suffers with asthmatic attack..
Most of the time this is because of allergic attack..
But when it is asthmatic..then ..a common symptom is differentiate both the attack.
Like in asthmatic .
Baby get difficulty in breathing during sleeping and feel better after sitting ..
This type of asthma we called a Tamak Swasha..
This asthma is mainly occurs due to the impure excessive Kledak kapha form in the stomach due to lack of proper digestion by means intake of excessive kapha producing food…
This kapha mixes with food and last with blood
Then goes to Lungs where they deposited in lung patients feels breathless and difficulty in breathing..
Lying position kapha spreads in the lungs tissue so patient get difficulty on breathing and during sitting it all deposited at the lower side of lungs..and he or she Feels little better..
But taking breath by mostly seen..

Treament in Ayurveda is focussed on Stomach and on AGNI of Digestion..
On the improper formation of kledak kapha..
On Dipan ,Pachana of Digestion ..
And Panchakarma if possible also done..

But Baby can be Cure completely ..just follow the good diet and dincharya…

Another is Fever….

Always Go with Family doctor..or a doctor who look your baby from starts…
And keep always all prescription with yourself.during visiting a doctor..
Or many times a Ayurvedic doctor keeping all records of means they understand the prakruti and what medicine they had given last time..
So in fever also Ayurveda distributed the types
According to Dosha..and followed with treatment…

Oil to be used for Baby..

Many times children get rashes..on body or on forehead..and doctor advised don’t use the oil..

But as Ayurvedic doctor whenever we going to used the oil…
That should be Medicated Oil..Not just a coconut or sesame oil..
It should be medicated or we called Murchit this method..all impurities are minimised and it become light and safe to use on body
Murshit Til Tailam
Murshit Bala Tailam..we can used.

From First day to the 1 year. Ayurvedic acharya given medicines to baby ..and mother also which improves the immunity..and digetion of both..
That time .there was No VACCINATION.. BUT STILL People were lived and fought with there livelivehood.
People was born and lived for hundreds of how it happens?

Many critics will say..Ayurveda ethics which were written..thousand year before so how we will implement now…

But My answer Is ..Body structure is same throughout the years..anotomy and physiology still the same..disease which written thousands of year before are also facing today also..
They have written with hundreds of practiles and with their expriences..

Many child are underdeveloped
They have problem in development..
In Understandings ..and in Memory
In that cases also..Ayurveda written many medicines according to age,weight and by prakruti…

The main medicine is Grut that is Cow Ghee..
Yes..that is the base of medicine used in Meomery ,speech and development of body..
As Old is Ghee..that much more efficasy of that medicated Ghee…!!
So always..use Cow Ghee..!! Or Murchit Cow Ghee..made as per Ayurveda.

That’s for today ..
Keep ..healthy..Eat healthy…
Keep drinking…mild warm water always…in every season..but
In rainy season is must…
Do..Panchakarma..for your Good health ..
According to season….


Vaidya Sachin Maruti Bhor
Sulabha’s Shree Sainath Ayurveda & Panchakarma Clinic and Therapy ,Yoga,Center.


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