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Ayurveda Drugs


Is Ayurveda is so easy to understand that anyone can try and treat to anyone??

Now Medicinal Authority declared that without prescription of registered doctor pharmist can give medicine to anyone..

This rule really benefited to many patients who are used to take medicine irrespective of doctor and without consulting of it.

Many time this behaviour of giving medicine or advise it without proper knowledge of it are against the health of patient..

My question is Why can’t a ayurvedic pharmacist or an ayurvedic doctor only give medicine to patient..??

Why Ayurvedic Pharmacist not exist??

How Anyone can give ayurvedic drugs ,medicine or any herbal things without its knowledge..and without ayurvedic Prescription.??

We saw many times a herbal medical store giving ayurvedic medicines to patient without a knowledge of that drugs moleculation,activity and adverse means It’s A Ayurvedic product And Have not any SIDE EFFECT It does not mean that any one who are not qualify enough to understand
The prakruti
The dosha
The body of patient and giving medicine of herbal to patient..??

They taking nim juice regularly
,Aawala juice regularly,
Jamun juice that all juice are good enough to take regularly with respect to their disease..

I saw a patient who regularly taking Karela juice having palpitations and ghabharahat in few months..

I saw patient who taking gomutra regularly by consulting so-called friend who works in herbal store ,he got pain in Knee and joints in some weeks..and low LDL cholesterol with weakness

Many times herbal store person giving medicine on constipation ,doesn’t knowing the efficasy of drug..and how to used according to health of stomach..

Many patients came to clinic ..on constipation..saying that we have tried all laxatives but my stomach does not response to anyone..

I said ..what are the products you tried.. And whom you consult before having it..
They said why to consult anyone it’s herbal product,No side effects,and medical store wala
Easily making available to us.

Beacaue of that..Stomach get badly affected ,and without proper protocol of drug prescription..patient tried the higher drugs starts of treatment..unknown of the drugs potency..Why it’s Happen??

Who is responsible??

Ayurveda drug should be taken in proper doses and proper Condition of body by means it will work properly ,effectively..and Rapidly..

Many says..Ayurvedic Drugs work Slowly…

Those who said ..They Don’t Know the Knowledge Of Ayuevedic Medicine…
If You Give Right Medicine,Right Dose and On Right Diagnosis… You Will Get Result as Fast As…!!


Many times some people taking diabetic powder without ayurvedic doctor concern and they after feeling some problem and some difficulty… ( why it’s happen.???)

Every drug has expiry and potency..many times drugs are kept for long time also without Dr.advise doses are given without knowledge of patient body and it will affects the body

..and blame goes to AYURVEDA.!!

IN SOCIAL Media,television, internet we saw an advertisement on weight loss,on knee pain,and many others also..some celebrity has advised some drugs which are so called ayurvedic ..

But my heartiest advised to all ..That don’t Jump on that advertise..without Ayurvedic Physician advise don’t make your decision to use this product..

How can a one product..can cure all KNEE PAIN..
KNEE PAIN CAN Associate with Vat Rakt,Astgimajjagat Vat,Sandhi Vat,Sabdhigat Vat,Aamvat and Many many types of Vata and Aawarana of Vata ..Awastha of VATA

How could one drug can act on all disease


MY DEAR FRIENDS, social media is strong medium.. We can use it properly.. Many times some tips are flashing on net…so and so useful in winter,summer and etc.
We must think and consult to Ayurvedic Doctor before going to use it in your daily life…

My erge is only to understand to you that Ayurveda is Vast understand that..
Vagbhat ,Charak,Sushrut,and many other Granthas has to follow,has to learn..then by experienced, we can suggest to anyone to give or uses some medicine…

Always Consult with Ayurvedic Physician ..and then take and use Ayurvedic medicine..even it may be
Ayurveda shampoo, hair oil,body immunity drug,weight loss drug..any thing

which you think for your body…

If anyone want to understand and herbal medicines property,efficasy,working power then an ayurvedic physician can easily tell you.

Even a weight loss drug..we saw an advertisement…A single drug can’t be used to reduce weight…their should be proper diet..
And a good diagnosis….

Why your weight is gained?? because of what?? That should be understand to you.

Is because of hormaonal imbalance??
Beacaue of Bad Diet
Because of Agnimandya..and regarding disease according to it..

A Proper diet Plan, A proper exercise and Proper medicine advise by doctor according to body,prkaruti…is only work for you..

That should be understand..

Use A Herbal Drugs only By Consulting Ayurvedic Vaidya.

Safe For You…Ayurveda For You

Thanks .

Vaidya Sachin Bhor


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