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My approach to Parkinson’s Disease

My approach to parkinson’s disease ;

Since Parkinson’s disease is neurodegenerative disease , so we have to think dhaatukshaya janya vaata prakopa.. The failure of dopamine receptors or deficiency of dopamine neurotransmitter is main reason for clinical features , but due to dopamine deficiency , the exaggerated acetylcholine also play roles in pathophysiology of features like tremors , therefore , anticholinergic & antihistamine like trihexiphenydil is found effective , however levodopa , dopamine agonist , with carbidopa is first choice.. The issue is first pass metabolism of dopamine in natural resources . more than 90 % of dopamine is destroyed in periphery and reach very minimum in brain. Carbidopa inhibits peripheral metabolism of levodopa , so , most of levodopa crosses blood brain barrier and reach to basal ganglia and surrounding areas to provide dopamine.. Ayurveda perspective ; tremors ( increased chala guna ) , bradykinesia & hypokinesia ( decreased chala guna ) , , rigidity & postural change , short and shuffling gait ( increased rooksha , sheets guna ), etc are features due to vaata prakopa.. Praana , udaana and vyaana vaayu bheda are effected predominantly.. Snehan , mridu svedana, shorodhara , anuvasaana , yaapanaa basti look to work on rooksha , chala , sheeta guna of vaata, and they work , but result does not last longer. Vaataghna drugs like vrihatvaat chintamani rasa , yogendra rasa , etc also have limited roles in PD . in few cases , I found result with sinhanaada guggula , mahayogaraja guggula , and the combination of ashwagandha bala shatavari kapikachchhu chopachini maasha and dashamoola with ghrita , abhyanga by mahaamaasha tail , mridu naadi sveda ( not more than 5 mins ) shorodhara by kvaatha of ashwagandha bala shatavari kapikachchhu chopachini maasha brahmi shankhapushpi aamalaki and dashamoola mixed with mahanarayan tail . yes , result is very good , if I continue levodopa etc prescribed by neuro physician with my treatment .. We can minimize on & off phenomena .. By reducing rigidity , betterment of life. We can improve gait , posture , speech , balance and cognitive processes.. Result on tremors is there , but not so marked as in other features.. All these are my personal experience.Ghrita helps lipid soluble substances to cross blood brain barrier.. Ghrita kalpa of kapikachchhu etc may help in controlling PD.. Because of dopamine deficiency , vaata becomes vyaahata , parityakta from the svasthaana , therefore , the choice is to achieve avyaahata / aparityakta gati of vaata , ie possible only after supplementing dopamine into brain ( prakritisthaapana ).Future prospectus ; to work on PD with ayurveda perspective to provide better treatment than management of contemporary science..

Prof. Dr. Satyendra Narayan Ojha ,
MD (KC), Ph.D.
Director , Yashawant ayurveda college , Post graduate teaching and research center ,
Kodoli ,Panhala , Kolhapur..
drsnojha@rediffmail. com



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