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Refers to excessive production of androgens by
-Ovary /
– adrenals/
– either an increased conversion of androgen particularly testosterone, from steroid precursors by certain peripheral tissues.

This is common endocrinopathy and clinically presents as hirsutism or virilisation.

There are 3 principle laboratory measurements of potential clinical use for evaluation of androgen excess.

1. Testosterone- a measure of
ovarian and adrenal activity.

( dehydroepiandrostenedione sulphate)
– a measure of adrenal activity.

3. 3 alpha-AG
(androstanediol glucuronide)
– a measure of peripheral target tissue activity.

Occasionally women with hirsutism and irregular periods may have hyperprolactinemia due to hypothalamic disease or a pituitary tumour.

Hirsutism may be ovarian factor or adrenal factor or mixed . This mixed type ovarian as well as adrenal is the commonest.

DHEAS- remain normal or slightly increase in young women with androgen excess.

High value above 800Ug/dL in a young women suggest presence of adrenal tumor.

The most common finding associated with hyperandrogenism is the androgenic polycystic ovary.

Dr-Rupali Mahadik
MD Streerog
Amrutwel Women’s Clinic


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